155—271 HP

The VALTRA T Series- All the T series VALTRA electric tractors are known for their high performance, comfort, and amazing flexibility. They have got the latest technology which makes them the best pick for farmers, contractors, and as well as forestry specialists. You can buy Valtra tractors from the website we sell all kinds of electric tractors.

When you need more from your tractor, the T Series is the ultimate precision tool with plenty of muscle. Perfect all-round visibility means that you have total control over your land from the comfort of your cab. And by letting technology work for you, you can rest assured knowing every aspect of your workday is handled down to a T.

Award-winning power and efficiency

Beauty, brains and brawn — the award-winning T Series tractor is a winner on all fronts, combining the power of smart technology with the strength of a 6-cylinder engine. Step into the cab and the best tractor experience is all around you with perfect 365 day and night visibility and plenty of space. The convenient A-pillar display puts information and control right where you need it. Valtra Smart technologies give you all-encompassing control over your work. The king on any terrain, the T Series gets going and moves smoothly while you reap the benefits. When you value power, precision and profit, the T Series is your working machine.

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Key features

Easy to use and comfortable

Comfort, ergonomics and ease of use are at the heart of the T Series. The 5th generation updates include an improved user interface, controls and a smart A-pillar display that puts information right where you need it. The steering column and the steering wheel are renewed for better usability and visibility. And, with the industry benchmark SmartTouch in Versu and Direct models, each day brings more profit and peace of mind.

Low cost of ownership

Get more bang for your buck with Valtra. Valtra’s engine, made in-house with hydraulic lash adjustment, keeps the costs low, and the powerful but agile machine is designed to save your money, fuel and time.

Technology at your service

With technology fully integrated in a tractor made for work, your machine works for you, giving you more precision, more profit and more speed. You’ll have full knowledge of your tractor’s performance, accurate implement control, precise waylines and optimal inputs. What used to be a good guess turns into knowledge backed by data. Save time, save money and save your nerves – go Smart and get home on time.


Drive comfortably anywhere the work brings you. You get high road speeds with high payload, a smooth driving experience on-road as well as high ground clearance and pneumatic front suspension for comfort off-road. Customise your T Series tractor with Valtra Unlimited, add a factory-fitted front loader or choose any option that supports your work. Whatever you want and need, we can make your multi-purpose vehicle just right for you.

365 Day & Night visibility

The visibility from the driver’s seat is excellent in all directions, in all conditions. LED daytime running lights improve safety and others will see you as well. Side window wipers clear your side view and 10 roof air vents help keep the windows mist-free.

TwinTrac reverse driving

Work forwards and backwards with Valtra’s unique TwinTrac reverse drive system. With incredible rearview visibility and the optional Skyview roof, you can work effectively and safely in all directions.

Key features

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