135—201 HP

The VALTRA N series (135-210 hp) – The N series is one of the best award-winning tractors. This is the best farm machinery that you can use for your farming work. It consists of a 4-cylinder engine that can outperform any given task. This farm tractor is also fuel efficient, you can purchase it directly from our website.

No challenge is too big and no task is too small for our award-winning N Series tractor. If you are looking for the perfect combination of size, power and comfort, look no further.

The mighty yet compact Valtra N Series is the agile workhorse of the Valtra family, with ergonomics and comfort designed for easy and productive working with your tractor. All new LED daytime running lights increase safety in road use. A robust and reliable machine, the N Series is big where it matters.

The N Series shines on all fronts

When you need a machine to handle a variety of tasks, the N Series shines on all fronts. Smooth and agile movement, 365 visibility and a powerful 4-cylinder engine mean that any job can be handled with the optimal power, precision and fuel efficiency. And, with Smart Farming built in, you can rest assured your machine does most of the work for you.

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Key features

Comfort all day long

The N Series is all about making your working day easier. The ergonomic user interface and controls make driving this tractor a pleasure, and the user-friendly A-pillar display puts information right where you need it.

Power at the front

The 5th generation N Series makes no compromises, and that includes power at the front. With AIRES front axle suspension for all loads and temperatures and fully integrated front linkage and PTO in your corner, you know you’re in for a win – for loading, lifting or both. And speaking about loading, yes. The N Series is still the front loader king.

365 Day & Night visibility

See everything from the driver’s seat. The visibility is truly excellent. Side window wipers clear your side view and 10 roof air vents help keep the windows mist-free. The LED daytime running lights increase safety and improve your working experience.

Built to save time and money

t’s not just the fuel-saving engine or the high output. Or the power on the ground, or the transmission automatics, or the agility. The whole of the N Series is designed to save your time, money and nerves. With Valtra, low cost of ownership and improved efficiency is always part of the plan.


Drive comfortably on all terrain. You get high road speeds, a smooth driving experience on-road as well as high ground clearance and pneumatic front suspension for comfort off-road. Customise your tractor with Valtra
Unlimited for farmyards and fields, add a front loader or choose implements for forestry or municipal work. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

TwinTrac reverse driving

Drive forwards and backwards with Valtra’s unique TwinTrac reverse drive system. With incredible rearview visibility and the optional Skyview roof, you can work effectively and safely in all directions.

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