Experience the new generation with the Valtra G Series tractor

105—135 HP

The VALTRA G series tractor (105-135hp) – The g series consists of amazing electric tractors that a full-featured and multipurpose tractor for your everyday farming purposes. These tractors have an advanced power lift and best-working hydraulic brakes. It is a perfect machine for front-loading that provides great visibility in all directions. We have a huge number of G series tractors up for sale at our website.

The G Series is a full-featured multi-purpose tractor for your everyday farming needs. It has an advanced power lift and effective working hydraulics: in Hi-tech open Centre, while Active and Versu offer a closed Centre load sensing system. High hydraulic pump capacities (100/110 l/min) guarantee speed, ease of use and full-featured implement control.

The G Series is the perfect tractor for front loader with great visibility in all directions. Its new 6-speed Powershift gives the driver better work speed possibilities. The Versu model is integrated with Valtra Smart Farming features that are the perfect gateway to the world of precision farming.

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Key features

Compact but professional

The G Series brings together compact dimensions and a lightweight, agile design. Whether on the field or in the farmyard, or somewhere completely different, this is your reliable working machine.


Easy and safe entry and exit to the cab and wide, self-cleaning steps. A comfortable cab with plenty of room for two people and great visibility to all directions, including a large roof window. The cab’s total glass area is 5.7 m2. The Valtra shuttle enables a smooth and safe start with integrated park position and easy to use controls.

Front loader master

Thanks to the integrated front loader subframe, electronic control, and 5.7 square metres of glass area offering great visibility, the G Series is the perfect machine for front loader work.


Powershift revolution with great speed availability with 6-speed Powershift and fuel-saving Valtra automatics such as the speed-based AUTO1 automatic shifting, hill hold and engine braking control.

Entry level Smart Farming

Want to work smarter, not harder? The G Series is the perfect machine to begin Smart Farming with. Valtra smart farming features are integrated in the Versu and Active models.


Advanced 60 kN power lift and hydraulics with a up to 100 l/min flow including electric joystick control for front loader and easy implement control via the adjustable hydraulics and ISOBUS.

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