1004 Lux Cabin

1004 Lux Cabin- The Baurenhof equipment PVT ltd has a wide range of electric tractors. One of our best products is the 1004 Lux cabin. This is one of the best tractors from the LUX series and has 120 horsepower in it. It also consists of 16F and 16R gears that are extremely powerful. We have put the engine in this tractor that is the Perkins engine and it has an amazing tier IV final emission level. This farm tractor has amazing liking capacity and can lift up to 500 kg and it also has an 88.2kW engine power. It has an inbuilt cabin and it also consists of an air-conditioner that provides the best cooling service. And its emission level is Tier IIIB. You can easily pre-book or buy construction equipment from our website Baurenhof Equipment Ltd. The 1104 Lux cabin electric tractor is a very good option if you want a heavy-duty tractor for fieldwork.

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Emission Level
: Tier IIIB
Model Name
: 1004 Lux Cabin
: Lux
: 4 WD (Four Whell Drive)
Cabin Type
: Cabin
Horse Power
: 102 HP
: 75.0kW
Usage Type
: Field
: 16 F / 16 R
Engine Type
: Perkins
: 420 Nm
Lifting Capacity
: 5000 KG
Air Conditioning
: Yes

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