NAC BB-BL-LI-20V cordless blower

The NAC battery blower is powered by a 20 V Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2 or 4 Ah. They allow you to easily remove dirt from the garden, driveway and pavement.

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NAC BB-BL-LI-20V battery blower – body
A device from the NAC AKUMULTISYSTEM 20 V line: it is a line of NAC cordless power tools and garden tools that are powered by the same battery. It can be powered by two Li-Ion batteries with a voltage of 20 V and a capacity of 2 or 4 Ah.
The blower is used to quickly clean driveways, sidewalks, garden paths from leaves, grass and other debris.
Very low weight makes it easy to maneuver the device during operation.


  • rated voltage: 20 V
  • battery capacity: 2 Ah or 4 Ah
  • maximum rotational speed: 1200 / min
  • approximate operation time with a 2 Ah battery: Twenty minutes
  • approximate operation time with a 4 Ah battery: 40 minutes
  • weight (without battery) 1.2 kg
  • Included: vacuum cleaner (without battery and charger)

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