NAC TB-BL-LI-2x20V battery trimmer

The NAC TB-BL-LI-2x20V battery trimmer is powered by two 20V Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2 or 4 Ah. It is an ideal device for mowing areas inaccessible to an ordinary mower.

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NAC TB-BL-LI-2x20V battery trimmer – body
A device from the NAC AKUMULTISYSTEM 20 V line: it is a line of NAC cordless power tools and garden tools that are powered by the same battery. It can be powered by two Li-Ion batteries with a voltage of 20 V and a capacity of 2 or 4 Ah.
The trimmer is designed for trimming grass and weeds in places difficult to reach for mowers, e.g. near building walls, fences, around trees and shrubs, path edges, curbs, etc.
The device uses a cutting system with a cutting head with a line, which easily cuts the grass and hard stalks.

The device has a bar length adjustment, a handle adjustment and an angle adjustment of the motor angle.


rated voltage:
battery capacity:
2 Ah or 4 Ah
maximum rotational speed:
6700 / min
cutting width:
30 cm
mowing method:
circular cutting head
rotatable cutting head:
90 ° (one way only)
number of cutting head tilt settings:
6-position head angle adjustment
approximate operation time with a 2 Ah battery:
Twenty minutes
approximate operation time with a 4 Ah battery:
40 minutes
weight (without batteries):
2.6 kg
trimmer (without battery and charger)

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