NAC LS53-G200-HSD-TX petrol lawn mower with Honda engine

The LS53-G200-HSD-TX petrol lawn mower is equipped with the best and most powerful 202 cm 3 Honda GCV 200 series engine in its class with a maximum torque of 12.7 Nm, which is reliable and fuel-efficient.

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NAC LS53-G200-HSD-TX petrol lawn mower

The mower is equipped with the best and most powerful Honda GCV 200 series engine in its class. High-quality materials and specially designed components ensure reliable, long-term use.

The Honda GCV200 engine, which is fitted to the NAC LS53-G200-HSD-TX mower, is a large displacement 202cc unit with a high maximum torque of 12.7Nm, providing the ultimate performance required to tackle even the most demanding jobs .

The engine has an improved Auto Choke Comfort system – I guarantee easy and reliable starting.

A convenient handle for central cutting height adjustment allows you to easily set the desired cutting height in a six-step range from 25 mm to 75 mm.

The steel housing ensures durability and resistance to damage.

A 65-liter basket with a plastic dust cover and a fill indicator is perfectly matched to the size of the mower. Even when full, the mower does not lose power and is easy to steer.

Ergonomic handles make it easier to control the mower, and their soft finish ensures comfort while mowing. There is a functional drinks panel under the handle.

The mower is equipped with a housing washing system, which allows you to easily and quickly clean the inner housing of the mower – just connect the garden hose with water to the quick connector on the housing and start the mower.

The mower has a grinding function, thanks to which the cut grass is guided into the area of ​​the blade’s operation. In this way, after repeated grinding, very small blades of grass are evenly spread over the lawn surface, where they decompose and return to the circulation as fertilizer.


Honda GCV200 series
engine capacity:
202 cm 3
maximum torque:
12.7 Nm
machine rated power:
3.9 kW
rotation speed:
2800 rpm
Type of fuel:
Pb95 gasoline
Fuel tank capacity:
0.95 liters
oil pan capacity:
0.4 liters
cutting width:
53 cm
cutting height adjustment:
central, six steps
cutting height adjustment range:
25 mm – 75 mm
basket capacity:
65 liters
mesh with plastic dust cover
front wheel diameter:
18 cm, wheels on ball bearings
rear wheel diameter:
25 cm, wheels on ball bearings
rear discharge, basket discharge, grinding (mulching)
handle finish:
38.5 kg

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