NAC PHB40-BL-NG 40V cordless pole hedge trimmer

NAC cordless hedge trimmer with a 52 cm cutter bar and a boom that extends its reach and working range. They are equipped with a durable motor powered by a Li-Ion battery with a voltage of 40 V with a capacity of 2, 4 or 6 Ah.

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NAC PHB40-BL-NG Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer – body
Device from the line: BATTERY GARDENING TOOLS 40 V (one battery and charger for all devices) – the same battery can be used in many garden tools from the same line.

The 52 cm cutting blade allows you to cut branches with a diameter of up to 20 mm. It was made of high-quality steel, which guarantees its long life.

The shears are adjustable in inclination of the cutting head. To tilt, simply press the button and adjust the tilt, then release the button.
They are used for cutting shrubs and hedges in hard-to-reach places and at considerable heights, without the need for a ladder or a platform. They are equipped with a telescopic handle with adjustable length, thanks to which the working range is up to 180 cm.


rated voltage:
40 V
maximum rotational speed:
1300 / min
cutting blades length:
52 cm
maximum cutting thickness:
20 cm
head angle adjustment:
90 °
scope of work with scissors:
from 130 to 180 cm
approximate operation time with a 2 Ah battery:
35 min
approximate operation time with a 4 Ah battery:
68 min
approximate operation time with a 6 Ah battery:
105 min
approximate operation time with a 9 Ah battery:
158 min
weight (without battery):
2.9 kg
cordless scissors with extension arm (without battery and charger)

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