NAC HTP60-225-T petrol hedge trimmer

The NAC HTP60-225-T petrol hedge trimmer makes it easy to trim hedges and shrubs

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NAC HTP60-225-T petrol hedge trimmer
The powerful engine with a maximum torque of 0.9 Nm can cope with all conditions.
The 650 W motor is optimally matched to the length of the cutterbar, its length is 61 cm.
The compact and light structure ensures comfortable trimming of bushes and hedges, and the shears made of precisely sharpened and durable steel facilitate cutting.
The scissors are equipped with a 45 or 90 degree rotating handle and an anti-vibration system. An additional, stable handle makes it easier to guide the scissors. Hand guard, increases work safety.


engine capacity:
22.5 cm 3
no-load rotational speed:
8000 / min
machine rated power:
0.65 kW
maximum torque:
0.9 Nm
Fuel tank capacity:
0.6 liters
fuel mixture:
40: 1
cutting blades length:
60 cm
maximum diameter of the branch cutting:
2.8 cm
rotating handle:
left or right
6.5 kg

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