NAC CB-35-BL-LI-2x20V cordless saw

NAC CB-35-BL-LI-2x20V cordless chainsaw with a 35 cm long bar, is equipped with a durable brushless motor powered by two Li-Ion batteries with a voltage of 20V with a capacity of 2 or 4 Ah.

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NAC CB-35-BL-LI-2x20V cordless saw – body
A device from the NAC AKUMULTISYSTEM 20V line: it is a line of NAC cordless power tools and garden tools that are powered by the same battery.
The device has the highest quality cutting chain and OREGON guide. Bar length 35 cm (14 ”).
SDS system – tension and tension adjustment of the cutting chain does not require the use of any tools. The adjustment is made using a knob located on the side cover.
The saw is very light. Compact size, handy top handle and good balance guarantee effective work.


rated voltage:
20 V
battery capacity:
2 or 4 Ah
guide length:
35 cm (14 “)
chain tension adjustment:
SDS system – chain tension adjustment with a knob
chain lubrication:
bar and chain:
chain speed:
up to 19 m / s
chain pitch:
3/8 “
chain groove width:
1.3 mm
number of chain links:
oil tank capacity:
160 ml
expected battery operation time 4 Ah:
up to 20 minutes
weight (without batteries):
2.8 kg
chain saw with OREGON chain and guide bar (without battery and charger)

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