Forming and tilling aggregates Ara

Forming and tilling aggregates Ara are intended for forming ridges in the modern cultivation of potatoes and root vegetables.

The machine is equipped with active and passive working units, enabling strip soil loosening and forming two broad and permanent ridges with the spacing of 75 cm or 67,5 cm. First, the soil is treated with passive teeth, then with an active milling drum and the ridges are initially formed with the attachment with ridging bodies.

The machine covers two working versions which are distinguished by the arrangement of teeth, copying wheels and tools forming the final shape of the ridges. In the version intended for ridging potatoes, the ridges are formed with a passive profiling attachment. In the version intended for cultivation of root vegetables, the ridges are formed with ridge forming roller. Both versions can be equipped with a seeder dosing the fertilizer directly into the ridges.

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Symbol P520
Number of processed rows (pcs) 2
Distance between rows (cm) 67,5 75
Working depth (cm) to 20
Width of the crop (cm) 2 x 36,5 2 x 41
Width of the tilling inter-row (cm) 2 x 14,5; 1 x 33,5
Height of the ridge (cm) to 25
Width of the ridge (top) (cm) 15 22
Width of the ridge (bottom) (cm) 56 62
Number of shields (pcs) 15
Number of milling knives (pcs) 30
Distance between milling knives (cm) 5
Turnover of knives (rpm) 245
Diameter of a ridge forming roller (mm) 178
Turnover of a ridge forming roller (rpm) to 250
Machine weight with attachment (kg) 855 880
Machine weight with a ridge forming roller (kg) 980 1020
Power demand (kW / HP) 44 – 52 / 60 – 70 52 – 59 / 70 – 80


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