Nitro with Bars

NITRO is a breakthrough in low crop sprayer design. Three suspension systems that provide maximum distribution uniformity and ride comfort. An excellent clearance that allows not to damage the crop (between 820 and 900 mm). In addition, it has an adequate load on the attachment point at all times, even on large vertical folding bars.

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Standard equipment 3400L 4400L
Chassis Steel with reinforcing arches Steel with reinforcing arches
Covering anti-corrosion anti-corrosion
main deposit Polyethylene Polyethylene
dry level indicator Yes Yes
sink tank 15l 15l
Circuit washer tank 400 l with level reader 400 l with level reader
Tank cleaning robot Yes Yes
Pump (low pressure) Membrane up to 235l/min Membrane up to 235l/min
Computer kronos 5 way kronos 5 way
Multifunction product filler with rising/falling parallelograms with rising/falling parallelograms
speed antenna Nope Nope
Hinged lid with filling filter Yes Yes
Suction filter with valve Yes Yes
Double hydraulic agitation with control valve with control valve
Flow meter proportional to advance Yes Yes
command system Variotron Variotron
service brake Hydraulic Hydraulic
Parking break Hose Hose
Adaptation for forward teams Yes Yes
Suspension system
single mattress air suspension Yes Yes
Tongue suspension (adaptable to load) Yes Yes
Suspension with nitrogen pot (bar)
standard equipment
light kit Yes Yes
Mudguard Yes Yes
Transmission Yes Yes
Full Charger Yes Yes
Wheel 380/85 R38 380/85 R38

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