Multi-purpose toothed rollers Titan

Multi-purpose toothed rollers Titan are universal tools that, depending on the number of working sections used and the place of suspension on the tractor (rear or front three-point linkage), are intended for cultivation, cultivation and sowing treatments and tending treatments in arable fields.

Toothed rollers have been designed, built and adapted to cultivate all types of soils regardless of their moisture. They can be used for pre-seasoning of the soil during pre-sowing cultivation and for leveling the top layer of ploughed soil. They will also work well for crushing lumps, compacting the soil, and in the case of afterward rolling also for destroying the soil crust, which hinders the emergence, and for destroying weeds and mixing mineral fertilizers with the soil.

Multi-purpose toothed rollers Titan of the U734 series, created as a result of R&D works, is an innovative solution due to its versatility, multitasking, transport height limitation, maximum roller working width of 8 m and reduction of power demand.

The product was created as a result of the implementation of the project of the Smart Growth Operational Programme, sub-measure 3.2.1. Market research entitled "Implementation of a multi-purpose toothed roller for cultivation, cultivation and sowing treatments and tending treatments on the market".

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Symbol U734 U734/1 U734/2 U734/3 U734/4 U734/5 U734/6 U734/7
Roller type 1-section 2-section 3-section
Working width (m) 2,5 3,0 1,5 + 1,5 2,0 + 2,0 2,5 + 2,5 6,0 7,0 8,0
Mounting method on the tractor front linkage front linkage rear linkage
Toothed rings diameter (mm) 600
Rollers diameter (mm) 480
Machine weight (kg) 710 770 780 880 950 1080 1180 1250
Machine weight with leveling board (kg) 810 850
Power demand of the roller with tilling and sowing set (kW / HP) 85 / 115 100 / 135
Power demand of the roller with reversible plough (kW / HP) 77 / 105 106 / 145 128 / 175
Power demand of the roller (kW / HP) 48 / 66 56 / 77 65 / 88

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