Hydraulic side folding bars Q7

The q7 bar is a high-performance model for large crops. It incorporates an anti-whip system as standard, (horizontal suspension) as well as vertical suspension of the primary arms. Like the i7s, the q7 bar incorporates a stabilization system such that when the hydraulic slope corrector is activated, the transverse self-leveling continues to work.

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Standard equipment 18M 21M 24M
Chassis Steel Steel Steel
Covering anti-corrosion anti-corrosion anti-corrosion
Nozzle distance 50 cm 50 cm 50 cm
Anti-gout Gets plastic tri-jet plastic tri-jet plastic tri-jet
self leveling parallelogram type parallelogram type parallelogram type
side damping anti-whip effect anti-whip effect anti-whip effect
Vertical damping of primary arms Yes Yes Yes
Hydraulic functions 4 4 4
Blocking Manual Manual Manual
Joystick Yes Yes Yes
tip opening Vertical Vertical Vertical
nozzle holder tube Stainless steel. Stainless steel. Stainless steel.
automatic slope corrector Mechanic Mechanic Mechanic

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