Rotavator for inter-row crop Vela

Rotavators for inter-row crop Vela are mainly intended for cutting root-spreading weeds and for loosening and mixing the soil without reversing it in inter-row crop, eg strawberries. They can also be used to mix mineral fertilizers with soil.

The machine can cultivate, for example, strawberries in a strip 80 cm wide with inter-row spacing of 50 cm.

The rotavator is equipped with a standard suspension system I and II category.

The working depth is determined stepwise by means of two supporting wheels with a diameter of 34 cm.

The machine has special internal partitions and front screens mounted, which are to protect plants from damage by rotating knives, stones and soil shredded by knives. It is also equipped with a traditional rear protective cover that limits the release of soil and stones.

The rotavators is equipped with PTO shaft as a standard.

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Symbol U540/1 M
Working width (m) 1,8
Working depth (cm) to 18
Width of the crop (cm) 80
Width of the tilling inter-row (cm) 2 x 50
Number of knives (pcs) 24
Number of rotors (pcs) 4
Distance between support wheels (cm) 127
Machine weight (kg) 450
Power demand (kW / HP) 33 / 45

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