Compact disc harrows hydraulically folded (semi-mounted) Pegasus

Compact disc harrows Pegasus are universal machines that works well both in cultivation after plowing and in cultivation without plowing, also on medium, stoned soils or soils overgrown with after crop intended for mulch.

The basic machine assemblies are the supporting frame, the disc sections (front and rear) and rear roller. In addition, it is equipped with side screens that limit the rejection of the soil by the extreme discs of the front and rear sections.

Equipping the disc harrow with toothed discs with a diameter of 510 mm or 560 mm and the use of a large spacing between the front and rear disc section allows it to be used in the cultivation of fields with a large amount of plant residues, e.g. after the corn harvest for seeds.

The disc section is equipped with a maintenance-free hub as a standard. In addition, each disc section is protected individually against overload by a spring (discs 560 mm) or a rubber (discs 510 mm or 560 mm).

The working depth (8 - 18 cm) is determined by positioning the rear roller.

Semi-mounted compact disc harrows are adapted for transport on public roads by folding side sections. The machines are equipped with a braking system and lighting boards integrated with the tractor lighting system.

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Symbol U222/2 U222/1 U222
Working width (m) 4,0 5,0 6,0
Working depth (cm) 8 – 18
Discs diameter (mm) 510 / 560
Number of sections (pcs) 2
Number of discs (pcs) 32 40 48
Rake angle of the discs (°) 20
Distance between discs (cm) 25
Distance between rows (cm) 110
Machine weight with tubular roller (Ø500 mm) (kg)* 3045 3445 3810
Machine weight with ring-string roller (Ø400 mm) (kg)* 3020 3430 3800
Machine weight with packer roller (Ø465 mm) (kg)* 3440 3940 4400
Machine weight with crosskill roller (Ø350 mm) (kg)* 3470 3980 4445
Machine weight with rubber roller (Ø500 mm) (kg) 3575 4135 4520
Machine weight with V-ring roller (Ø600 mm) (kg)* 3140 3555 3970
Machine weight with C-ring roller (Ø600 mm) (kg)* 3200 3630 4060
Power demand (kW / HP) 102 / 140 125 / 170 147 / 200

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