BDC320 Hoeing Machine (Fertilizing – Three Rows)


  •  BDC320 Three-Row Fertilizing Hoeing Machine was designed for hoeing, fertilization and ridging operations for stripped crops such as potato, corn, tomato, etc.
  •  Fertilizer dispensing can be performed either by tractor tire revolution or by power take-off.
  •  The fertilizer will not be frozen thanks to the helices in the storage and they are continuously discharged through grooves in the desired setting.
  •  Adjusting the fertilizer dispensing is easy and safe. The double-side front-blade saves ploughshares.
  •  Ploughshares made of a special heat-treated steel are resistant against wearing.
  •  Provides to break upper-crust of the soil and able to access of rain to the internal layers of the soil.
  •  It aerates soil, purges weeds and thus improves the growth environment of crops.

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Length :   1260 mm
Width :   1900 mm
Height :   1410 mm
Weight :   365 kg
Connection Type :   Three Point Hitch System (Category II)
Number of Working Rows :   3 Sıra
Tractor Power :   30 – 40 HP
Powered by :   Tractor Power Take-Off
Fertilizer Storage Capacity :   250 kg (Might Vary Depending on the Type of Fertilizer)
Fertilizer Spreading Amount     :   15 – 150 kg (Adjustable)
Row Distance :   46 – 50 HRC
Ploughshare Hardness :   680 – 700 – 720 mm
Working Width :   2250 mm
Working Depth :   200 – 350 mm
Capacity :   4.0 – 4.5  da/h


The machine is connected to a tractor through a three-point hitch mechanism. The fertilizer storage is filled and the driveshaft is connected to the power take-off of a tractor. The amount of fertilizer to be dispensed is adjusted with the help of a handle. Hoes of the machine enable hoeing gaps between rows of planted crops and thus ruffles soil. Concurrently, the fertilizer inside the storage is dispensed on to the ruffled parts through the hoses on the backside of hoes. The fertilizer is dispensed in an equal and balanced way so as not to touch the crop with the help of furrow-closing moldboard tines. Thus hoeing, fertilization and ridging operations are completed without disturbing the furrow order.

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