Vacuum cleaners and blowers

The leaves left on the sidewalks and gardens during the autumn are very picturesque and even useful (hedgehogs that go to winter resting in them bury themselves in them), but their excess can also be a problem. Its solution is dedicated devices – blowers and vacuum cleaners – which make it easier to control the amount of withered leaves. The task of the battery blowers is to “rake” the leaves in one place – a high-speed engine generates a stream of air, which is directed to a selected place through a long nozzle.More advanced vacuum cleaners – electric or combustion engines – in addition to the possibility of blowing leaves with the help of the generated wind at a speed of up to 265 km / h, they can also suck them (crushing) into a capacious bag. The low weight of the device means that its operation does not cause much effort. The wheels at the end of the nozzle allow you to move the end of the suction tube just above the ground, so that the vacuum cleaner can suck not only leaves, but also dust or rubbish.

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