Snow blowers and sweepers

The advent of winter means the necessity to employ equipment to work – snow blowers or sweepers that will deal with white fluff, relieving us of the laborious waving of a shovel.

For modern snow blowers, even a completely buried alley or sidewalk is no problem. Due to the wide screw, snow is collected from the surface and then thrown through the side nozzle at a distance of at least a few meters . The motor that drives the device sets the propeller and wheels in motion, and its operation is controlled by a transmission with several forward and one reverse gears. Height-adjustable side skids ensure that the propeller spins at a safe distance from the ground. The rotating discharge nozzle allows the snow to be thrown always in the same direction, even when the direction of travel changes.

An alternative to snow blowers are sweepers , in which, instead of a snow screw, a motor-driven brush located at an adjustable height operates. Hard, spinning hair is great not only for removing fresh snow, but also for cleaning sand or dirt from pavements (which can be collected in a container) . If required, the optional blade allows you to quickly convert the sweeper into a powerful plow

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