Electric branch shredders are convenient and handy devices that are a dream come true for every gardener who cares about clean air. Bonfires, burned over the years, have become a permanent feature of the Polish autumn landscape, accidentally adding their contribution to the formation of smog. Depending on the power of the engine and the size of the cutter, the device is able to deal with branches with a diameter of even a few centimeters, turning them – like a paper shredder – into a pile of sawdust.. The parameters of the shredders are selected in such a way that with the help of the appropriate torque and a sharpened cutter, forcefully cut the branches inserted inside. The knives used can be sharpened and replaced. The device copes with pulling the material for cutting by itself, and in the event of a jam, it allows you to change the direction of rotation in order to clear the load. In the event of an overload, the automatic blockade will stop its operation, and if the power supply is temporarily lost, the sensor will prevent it from starting on its own.

Gardeners appreciate the shredders for their quiet operation and efficiency . Shredded branches turn into sawdust in the blink of an eye, which is collected in a large, detachable container. When the tank is full, all you have to do is walk around the orchard, sprinkle sawdust under the bushes or sprinkle a layer of sawdust o

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