Scythes and trimmers

Everywhere, where the mower running on wheels will not enter or get stuck on obstacles, manual brushcutters and trimmers – electric or battery operated – come in handy.Petrol brushcutters have replaced traditional scythes with which reapers used to place cereal fields, but also mowed hard-to-reach places requiring higher precision. Today, modern devices usually powered by two-stroke engines (due to their small dimensions and high rotational speeds) have almost completely replaced scythes with wooden spars ending with a blade from the market. Contemporary scythes are modern devices – light and handy thanks to proper balance. You do not need a lot of force to start them, and the anti-vibration system takes up vibrations, relieving the hands during the work. Depending on the task ahead, the scythe can be equipped with a trimmer head (sufficient for grass or meadows) or a metal, usually triple blade (which can handle weeds or brushwood).

Electric trimmers have similar functions to their petrol counterparts, but are dedicated to more amateur tasks. They are perfect for yard and home gardens, reaching every nook and cranny and places inaccessible to mowers. Their great advantage is quiet operation and zero-emission drive.

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