Pumps and hydrophores

Water is the life-giving fuel for our gardens and orchards. It is also a source of entertainment, filling the pools and ponds. But sometimes it can also be a nuisance when, for example, it causes flooding or inundation. In order to use water properly, it is worth having useful devices at hand, with the help of which we can easily control its element. An electric hydrophore connected, for example, to a rainwater tank or a well, will allow us to use the collected water for any purpose (e.g. to water the garden or power home water supply), distributing it under constant pressure. The submersible clear water pump allows the pool to be emptied quickly, and the dirty water submersible pump removes it from the flooded basement. For more demanding special tasks, an internal combustion pump is delegated, which will prove useful in areas affected by floods, as well as wherever it is necessary to pump out a large amount of water – from a swimming pool, pond or construction excavations

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