Mowing robots

Automatic lawn mowers that take care of the lawn are still a novelty on the Polish market of garden equipment, but they are quickly gaining popularity due to their versatility, ease of use and increasingly affordable price. A machine that can trim the lawn without human intervention, bypassing obstacles, respecting the set limits of operation, reacting to rain and detecting the moment when it has to go to an automatic charging station, until recently was only featured in science fiction novels. Today, however, it is available at your fingertips … with a smartphone that can control it and change settings through the application.

The lawnmower operates in a designated working area, limited by a signal wire connected to the docking base, which for it is an uncrossable boundary. The mower is usually equipped with an impact sensor (which protects it from hitting e.g. a tree), as well as a tilt controller, rain detector and motion sensor.

Robotic mowers are very persistent employees – they can work several hours every day, and they rest during quick charging. Some models are equipped with a mulching system (complete chopping of the clippings into fertilizer).

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