A petrol lawn mower in a house with a garden is not much lower in the hierarchy than a car, with which it has several similarities, such as an internal combustion engine or a wheel drive system (it often happens that it parks next to it in the garage and is treated with similar respect). Its purpose is to care for larger lawns on an even surface. The large width of the knife ensures quick work progress. The ground clearance adjustment enables mowing at the same height, selected from a multi-level range. The wheel drive saves the operator effort and facilitates maneuvering, which is also helped by the large wheels and the ergonomic handle. The spacious basket collects the mowed grass, thanks to which the lawn becomes aesthetic immediately after mowing.

Electric mower – delegated to home lawns (due to the need to connect with a power cable) in terms of work efficiency is not inferior to combustion models, often also having a wheel drive, which turns the gardener’s effort into relaxation. An additional advantage of the electric mower is the quiet, zero-emission engine that fits perfectly into the harmony of nature, the power of which can handle even tall grass. The swath can be thrown outside or placed in a capacious basket that does not require frequent emptying. A mulching mower cuts the cut grass into a fertilizer that does not require raking or collecting.

The battery-powered mower in terms of functionality (large blade width, adjustable working height, various discharge directions along with the possibility of collecting swath and mulching) does not differ much from an electric mower, but it surpasses it with its versatility – it can work away from the power source, and its the possibilities are limited only by the capacity of the battery. The energy reserve is shown by the charge indicator – when the battery is exhausted, it is necessary to connect it to the charger or replace it with a spare one. On some models, the mower’s guidance is facilitated by the wheel drive. Rechargeable batteries are perfect for rough terrain, especially when mowing on steep slopes.

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