Chain sharpeners

Even the most powerful models of chainsaws or electric chainsaws become helpless when confronted with thick, hard wood, when the chain assigned to direct combat is already blunted after many hours of hard work. The engine is running at high speed, the chain is spinning at insane speed, but instead of the growing gap, you can only smell the scorched wood … It is high time to reach for the sharpener, which will instantly restore the chain to its prime condition. Driven by a high-speed electric motor, the device is mounted to the table, thanks to which it remains stable and is fully safe, which is also due to the shield for the shield.The adjustable position of the lifted vise together with the rotating chain guide allow you to quickly and precisely sharpen each dull tooth without fear of damaging it, which is ensured by the grinding depth limiter . Depending on the model, the sharpeners are equipped with induction or commutator motors and discs with a diameter of 100 and 145 mm.

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