Aerators and scarifiers

Spring soil aeration / scarification is one of the most desirable lawn care treatments. Thanks to the puncture / incision of the turf, the soil breathes more freely and drinks water, which allows the grass roots to strengthen and ensure its lush growth.An aerator is delegated to perform this work – an electric aerator for a small lawn under the house, or a gas-powered one for larger areas. These devices, reminiscent of traditional mowers at first glance, are equipped with special rollers, which are studded with spikes in the case of aeration, and with cutting discs in the case of scarifying, allowing for quick and easy management of a large area. Driving the roller smoothes the surface of the ground, and the spikes and knives pulled out of the ground destroy the growing plots of mosses and weeds. We aerate / scarify the decorative lawn shallower, and the utility lawn – deeper. In order to maintain the effect of the treatment, at the end we can sprinkle sand on it, which, by falling into the resulting holes, prevents them from backfilling and facilitates the flow of air and water into the ground.

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