Pre Owned Equipment

Expand Your Preferences Rather Than Your Budget!

Planning to buy Pre-owned equipment is a great thought. Baurenhof's pre owned equipment delivers a wide variety of used farm equipment at multiple price range options. Also, our used machines by dealer services and support to keep running your used equipment smoothly.

Eliminate the uncertainty of buying pre-owned by working with trusted partners at Baurenhof Equipment. Our extensive used equipment inventory is well stocked with equipment that meets your needs. We carry a wide range of pre-owned heavy equipment, including popular brands.

Salient Features Of Baurenhof's used machinery

  • Trusted Dealers

    We are the dealers of the best brands all over the world.

  • Connected Support

    We provide extended support with the best solutions

  • Extended warranty 

    Timely services with an extended warranty period.

  • Proper Maintenance

    We share proper maintenance records to ensure you have a preowned machine in the best condition.


Do you remodel machinery?

Yes, it depends on the machine. If you want to know whether we can assist you or not, connect with us or fill out our Contact Form where you can include much information about the machine.

Do you provide a warranty on refurbished equipment?

Yes. You can connect with us and share all your queries and get the best solutions.

What papers are attainable for used machines? Are detailed service and maintenance logs available?

It depends on trusted owners. Some diligent owners keep every detail and record of the machine's service and maintenance.

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